S&N Labs was started in 1968 providing the nascent electronics industry in Silicon Valley, California with consulting and design expertise. In 1983, the company relocated to Santa Ana and set up a laboratory to support the consulting operations. Starting with one room full of microscopes and equipment, the laboratory has expanded to our current size with suites dedicated to all chemical analyses.

Specializing in Organic and Polymer Material Analysis

S&N Labs was the first laboratory in the country to provide FT-IR microscopy services and is still at the forefront of organic and polymer material analyses. Our range of available techniques is unparalleled and our chemists are heavily cross-trained so that they can use the most appropriate tools to solve our client’s problems. S&N Labs can assist you by combining our extensive experience dealing with various chemical and material questions with our vast range of analytical equipment.

Unlike most private laboratories, S&N Labs specializes in “unusual” requests. Where most labs avoid one-time analyses, we seek them out. We can provide firm (and reasonable) quotations for the study of unknown mixtures and the quantitation of unusual compounds in a novel matrix.