The single most common question that we are asked is, “What is this?”.   Whether this is from a criminal investigation or from a manufacturing process, most problems we address boil down to figuring out the identity of an unknown material.  The unknowns can be essentially pure, such as plastics or metal parts.  If the main component of the material is not clear, questions about its suitability or function cannot be addressed.

The unknowns can be mixtures, such as drug formulations. Here we might be looking for an active agent that is mixed in with fillers, binders, and other additives.

The unknowns can also be trace components, such as odor problems or plastic additives.  The identity of an off-odor in bottled water can be due to components present at parts per trillion levels!

Regardless of the purity or concentration, S&N Labs has the most advanced equipment available for identification. Contact us and we can help you find out “What is this stuff?”

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