S&N Labs has provided support in hundreds of legal cases over the years. For criminal cases, we have tested drugs, trace evidence, arson samples, and gunshot residue. We have been contracted by district attorneys to handle projects that were beyond the capability of crime labs. We support criminal defense by retesting crime lab evidence and countering their testing with a more thorough analysis of the evidence.

Since most of our clients are industrial, our primary legal work is on civil cases. Many of the problems that we investigate can end up in litigation. We have no bias toward plaintiff or defense cases. Our approach is to provide the scientific basis for the parties to resolve the outstanding issues. While we naturally root for our clients, our role is to provide a solid understanding of both sides so that the attorney can pursue the most appropriate course of action.

Our work has always been accepted in state Superior and federal courts. Whether by reviewing the work performed by others or by providing our own independent testing, we give you the facts you need and can depend on.